We offer dance classes with international teachers in Helsinki. Our classes take place either in our partner dance studio in Herttoniemi or co-operation schools as part of after school activities.


We think everyone should have an equal opportunity to go for a dance class. And that is why these classes are free of charge for everyone under 20 years. And no, this is not a trick, they really are for free.


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The Classes in Action

Classes are available for everyone between 7-20 and are free of charge.

Currently we are organizing classes in the following locations.

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The Team

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Edwin Mokaya


Edwin Mokaya is a professional dancer from Kenya. He has over 10 years of experience in working with kids and young people in dance and other forms of performing arts.

He inspires all his students to express themselves freely and enjoy to the fullest.

His classes are called "Afro Twist" because he does not like to stick in only one style but fusions everything from afro to hiphop and breaking to contemporary.

BBoy Vicious


Victor aka Break Vicious is a world champion professional breaker who tours the world both competing and judging in high level breaking competitions.

Originally from Canada he has landed in Finland and is joining the team of our super talented teachers.

He will be sharing his knowledge of the art of breaking and motivating the students to work hard and have fun with it.

Artpreneur Finland Ry


Artpreneur promotes multiculturalism and equality and wants to increase job opportunities especially for international background professional artist in urban and ethnic dance fields.

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Walter Ry


Walter Ry aims to promote intercultural communication, tolerance and understanding by offering free of charge activities for kids and young people in suburban areas.

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Saara Saturo


Saara has been coordinating dance projects for over 10 years in both Finland and abroad. She is the one who will answer all your questions and make sure everything runs smoothly. Just contact her!


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